How Much Should I Invest in AI Marketing?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is becoming the dominant force in almost every industry. Businesses are seeing up to 40% productivity increases and are investing heavily in AI marketing. The speed at which new technologies are being adopted has pushed market leaders to bolster their capabilities. AI is the future of marketing, and the more businesses utilize this technology, the better their chances of remaining atop their competition. Read on to learn why AI is so important to business success.

AI allows marketers to improve messaging and personalization. Marketers often struggle with knowing when and where to place ads and what kind of content to send to customers. AI allows organizations to bid on ad space based on the behavior of their customers in real time. AI also helps marketers send personalized messages based on user preferences. In short, AI can make marketing easier. A big question is, “How much should I invest in AI marketing?”

The answer depends on the portfolio of the company and the future objectives. If a startup focuses on veridical AI, it is unlikely to become the next Microsoft, since it relies on upstream data, domain models, and industry-specific data to compete. On the other hand, a horizonal AI startup may grow big if it beats big competitors, like Quora. But, if you plan to replicate Quora’s success, it may be too late.