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As a kid, I was a huge fan of the movie The Island of Misfit Toys. It’s a beautiful, moving story aboutOLC kids discovering who they are and what it takes to be happy at an early age. Jocinema brings that film to life with their mesmerizing dance show that is called Jocineverywhereandnow. From Alvin and the Chipmunks to The Incredibles, these teen idols have had some massive hit movies and TV shows inspired them. So if you’re looking for something fun with your kids this week, check out this list of 10 must-see world premieres of 2018. You won’t be able to turn away from these!

The Incredibles

In an era of endless content and endless world premieres, The Incredibles is a true classic. If you’re a fan of Disney, then this will definitely be your new favorite film this week. The Incredibles has only been around for a decade, but it still holds up as one of the all-time best kids movies. Every scene is a classic, and we get to see a lot of the world’s most amazing animals in this film. If you haven’t seen this film yet, don’t worry! It’s only two years away!

The Little Mermaid

For a Disney classic that became a baking classic, The Little Mermaid deserves a spot on this list! The film follows the transformation of a little mermaid into a fully grown human, and what happens when she finally gets the chance to show off her skills to the rest of the world. The story is simple, but its beautiful art direction, brilliant songwriting and a charming little ocean backdrop make this a highly relatable film for all audiences. If you love Disney, this is definitely one to check out!

Finding Dory

Finding Dory is a charming coming of age film that follows a pair of marine scientists as they discover new ways to use the glowing blue ocean as a home. The duo, Dr.bela and Dr.sson, are the adorable and unlikely creators of a new creature that lives inside of them. The film follows their investigation into the origins of the bluefish and how they are related to other animals, including humans, elephants and more. This film also stars Will Ferrell, Lois Smith and Darrell Hammond, so it’s no secret that this is going to become a household name for the next few decades.

Amani: An Epic Musical Adventure for Every Child

Amani is an emotional and enchanting musical about a little girl from India who bounces between two cultures, wanting to stay in one place and be a part of something greater. The film follows the young infant Amani as she follows her natural curiosity and learns to count to three in both languages of her birth. The story is timeless, and the visuals are amazing. If you love Disney, this is definitely one of your all time favorite kids movies.

Lucy and the Chocolate Factory

This is the classic tale of a little black and white orphan and his iconic white rabbit. From the opening credits, it’s clear that this film is going to be a classic, and it follows the bond growing between King Ludwig and his little black and white rabbit, Trigger. The film follows their exploits as they travel through time and space, meeting interesting characters and uncovering a lot of dark secrets about both adults and children. If you love Disney, this is probably going to be your favorite children’s film of all time.


Cars is one of the biggest Disney classics and one of its most emotionally compelling stories. The original film tells the story of a little orange car that witnesses the first moments of history, and everything that happens from that moment on. From electricity to road signs to human behavior, the film follows the car as it witnesses all of this happening. The film is incredibly positive, and encourages kids of all ages to learn about good, bad and crazy. If you love Disney, this is definitely going to be on your must-see list this week.

Toy Story 3

This is the follow-up to the best-selling Disney movie of all time, Toy Story. This film follows Woody and his friends as they journey through their final childhood adventure in their own creative and creative land, pre-world war II, before their real world is subjected to Toy Story’s devastating effects. Woody and co. are so well written, acted and choreographed that it’s hard to remember they’re still living in a real world. If you love Disney, this is definitely going to be a must-see for all of your kids this week.

The Greatest Show on Earth

This is one of the most famous Disney scores of all time, and this is the film it was nominated for an Academy Award for. The film follows a family as they travel around the world, and each one of them witnesses the effects of human cruelty and the triumph of the good over the bad. From the surfing islands of the South Pacific to the coral reefs of the Caribbean, this film follows the lives of the families as they discover the wonders of nature, and their shared bond is tested as never before. If you love Disney, this is definitely one of your must-see for the week.

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 follows a team of colorful, mischievous kids from across the globe as they join forces to save the world from another catastrophic event. From natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey or the Boxing Day pandemic to social justice issues like climate change, the film follows the kids as they interact with everyone from scientists to politicians as they search for a cure for cancer, autism and other social issues. If you love Disney, this is definitely one of your must-see for the week.

Shrek Forever After

This is one of the most iconic Disney animated classics, and like many of the Disney classics listed here, it is also one of its most beloved television series. The film follows the adventures of Shrek and his friends as they travel all over the world, meeting many surprising characters along the way. If you love Disney, this is definitely one of your must-see for the week.


This is a classic, and one of the most critically acclaimed Disney movies of all time. The film follows an adorable little zoot, who is protected and cared for by her human family, as she bravely faces challenges and challenges her way through. The movie is charming, sweet, and incredibly relatable for all kids of all ages. If you love Disney, this is definitely one of your must-see for the week.

A Very Short Film About Cows and Children

This is a short film about two animals who get along really well and become best friends. There are two types of friendships, and this is the fifth and final type for the children’s filmic friendship film. These are friendships that last as long as the animals. The film follows the interactions of these two animals, wearing and holding each others’ paws, and having lots of fun together. This is one of the best and most popular friendship flicks of all time, and is definitely going to be a staple in the silver screen for years to come.

Cows and Children

This is the perfect film to see with your kids this week. The story follows a family who witnesses the slaughter of their kind and is inspired by the animal cruelty that led to the event. The film follows the survivors as they learn more about the Cows and Cattle Riots of 1856 and the range of human emotion that led to the outbreak. This is a moving and eye-opening film that tells the tale of two distinct cultures and their relationship, and how that is reflected in the form of mutual respect, love and kindness. If you love Disney, this is definitely one of your must-see for the week.

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